Chapter 13: Shocking Psionic Technology

After the three were sent away, Su Han sighed with slight relief. He then took out a notebook and handed it over to Li Wei.

“In addition to those three, the rest of the research topics for the other researchers is in this book.
After you find them, follow the plan in this notebook to assign them their respective studies.”

Li Wei nodded silently. Su Han is not done however, and once again gave him another book. This book was extremely thick and can be even compared to a dictionary.

After taking this huge book, Li Wei is puzzled. He doesnt know what this is about?

“The information recorded in this is about the Psionic technology. I hope that you can hand this book over to the old academics and let them directly research the Psionic technology in parts.
Furthermore, please tell the Premier to prepare to popularize Psionic Technology in the country. It would be best if electricity can be replaced by it.”

An alternative source of energy!

Li Wei was shocked and almost dropped two books in his hand to the ground. Thankfully Li Wei’s military training kept him steady.

Su Han’s expression did not show any changes. He naturally knew about Li Wei’s thoughts at this moment. After all for the development of modern technology to this point, the significance of electricity is self-evident.

It is no exaggeration to say that electricity is the life blood of modern technology. If a city gets cut off from the grid then the 80% of the functions of the city will seized to function.

It is thus logical that the impact of new energy sources which will replace electricity will definitely have great importance. This will shake the foundation of any nation.

Although Su Han knew about what chaos it could have, he still insisted on his decision.

Because he , the technology of old Earth will be greatly affected at the moment of the Advent of Second Dimension.

After the Apocalypse, although there was no way to use electricity, and we can’t even talk about the internet.

Needless to say, electrical energy is inferior to the efficiency of the Psionic energy.

After ten years of the Advent of Second Dimension, the nuclear bombs were detonated and nuclear fallout happened. This was partly because the nuclear bombs were too powerful and had large amount of nuclear radiation.

But the main reason was that after the Advent of the Second Dimension, the physical rules of the world were rewritten. After the research of major scientists, this has lead to the situation of nuclear bomb detonation.

Li Wei gradually calmed down. “If I am not wrong, then you already has informations about the system of Psionic technology? I am very surprised, since it already has information about its system then why do you want Han Dong to study the foundation of Psionic technology?”

At this moment, Su Han’s aim is not to have the technology for making bombs but technology about new machines. The current technology is generations behind the one in Apocalypse.

“The reason is very simple”

Su Han was about to exit the room, but he suddenly stopped.

“Although I already have the system of Psionic technology in my hands but this is not what we have researched. If we base it upon the information which I came up with then the foundations of the technology will be unstable and we might face unseen problems in the future.”

Now there was only Li Wei in the room. His face was thoughtful and with a bitter smile on his face. In the end, he sighed.

“It’s really a very realistic approach…”


Su Han’s informations quickly reached the Premier.

The Premier face was serious. In front of him, sat a group of people. These people occupy the top spots of the government.
It would no exaggeration to say that if these people join forces then any law any can be implemented.

This is because they are the combined might that symbolizes all of China.

Of course, of all the people present here, many have amenity towards him or each other. Even if he tries to force the issue, he will not be successful if these people oppose it.

The Premier is the leader of China but he cannot do everything without some logical reasoning.

“Everyone! I called you all here to discuss the Disaster Research Center.”

He waived his hand, his secretary took out a stack of books, which contained information about the Psionic technology as they were handed to him by Li Wei. They were extremely thick.

The secretary presented everyone with one copy of the book.

Just flipping through a few pages, the military officials became extremely excited and slammed the table, they were extremely excited.
“This is impossible! How can there be such energy in this world? Has physics developed to such a degree? Do you want to tell us that the supernatural power is real?”

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