Chapter 12: New Topics for Research

Su Han’s expression did not change. He glanced at the faces of Li Dan and Di Yun’s one by one.

“Do you both think the same?”

Di Yun and Li Dan did not answer, but their behavior indicated everything.

Standing behind Su Han, Li Wei smiled a bit, there was a hint of curiosity in his eyes as he looked at Su Han. He naturally did not believe that Su Han could simply gloss over the matter. Su Han has too many secrets.

Therefore, he was very curious. In the face of this situation, what method will Su Han use?

The next moment, Su Han raised the palm of his hand.

A ball of fire suddenly came out of his palm. It was like as if he was holding the sun in the palm of his hands.

“How is this possible??!?”

No matter who, everyone faces were full of shock.

Even if it has been confirmed a long time ago that Su Han is not simple, Li Dan’s worldly views still change at this moment.

“What is this? Is this Magic? or Is  it a martial art? Supernatural power! Was that the reason to gather us all here? “

It’s incredible!” Di Yun stood up with an air of great of enthusiasm, staring at the light above the Su Han’s palm.

“If this power can be used to make weapons then weapons beyond our imagination can be created! I am afraid that it can do more than greatly advance the country’s technology.”

Li Dan heard this and his heart became excited. He suddenly understood why the Lieutenant Colonel transferred him over and said that the project he is to participate is supported by the state.

On the other side, Li Xun also understands that if this kind of inexplicable supernatural power is really studied, then once the research is complete, it is enough to make China lead the world internationally.

“I must admit… the power you control is beyond my imagination, but I still can’t understand why are we all here?” Pushing his glasses, Han Dong stated his thought. This is incredible but he is still confused about few things. “What does the supernatural power have to do with the newly born microbes I was studying?”

“You made a wrong connection.” Su Han raised his finger and shook it gently. There was a faint smile on his face.

“It’s not the relationship between my supernatural power and the new microbes. Simply put, the power that I control and the new microbes are all connected to the same root.”

Su Han’s last sentence shocked everyone.

“This world is changing!”

Looking at the people in front of him Su Han nodded with some satisfaction, and then his eyes suddenly became serious. “Han Dong! I ask you to study the foundation of the Chi for the human body from now on.”

After that, Su Han took out a thin seal of paper.

“It describes a set of cultivation method called Refining Sputum! This set of methods is to absorb chi of the surrounding the human body, thus strengthening the body. Although I can practice it  but I do not know how these Psionic particles are that are strengthening the human body, I hope that you can thoroughly study this topic.”

“Yes!” Han Dong was very excited. At this moment, he left behind the new microbes which he has been studying before, compared with the strange power that can directly strengthen the human biology, the newly born microbes cannot be compared.

“Di Yun!” Su Han took out the second piece of paper and handed it to Di Yun, who really excited at the moment. “This has instructions about a weapon called Aura Bomb. I hope that you can study the principle of the Aura Bomb. So it can be recreated by artificial means..”

“If you have doubts about the nature of Chi! Then you can ask Han Dong.”

Di Yun was so excited that his legs were shaking, but he did not say anything and silently performed a military salute to Su Han.

After sending the two away, Su Han swept his gaze on to the last person Li Dan.

Li Dan is both excited and confused. Those two were related to the topic which is to be studied, but he does not know what role will he have. What he studies is astronomy.

“Starting from today! I hope that you can study the changes in the intensity of sunshine and moonlight !”

“What? Has the intensity of sunshine and moonlight changed?” Li Dan’s pupil suddenly shrank, and did not think that Su Han can joke about this serious matter.

The sunshine and moonlight are the amount of light that reaches the surface of the earth. Its importance to life on earth is self-evident. If there is a problem with the frequency of sunlight, then there will be disastrous effects.

At this moment, Li Dan forgot all about his previous astronomic researches. He understood what he is going to do now is the most important thing right now.

Astronomic changes may or may not have an impact on the earth, but the changes on the Sun will absolutely have a very great impact on the earth. Carelessness can lead towards total annihilation.

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