Chapter 11: The size of the Organisation is beyond Imagination

“What exactly is going on here..”

Li Dan felt a little troubled at the moment, he kept looking around the scene for a while. In a few quick glances, he saw a lot of renowned researchers.

It would be no exaggeration to say that most of the people gathered in the hall are giants in various industries. They represent more than fifty-percent of the current scientific strength of China.

But to use the fifty percent strength of the scientific community for a new emerging research? No one can understand what the higher ups are thinking.

The officers came in and led the academics and professors to the research site.

Everyone was shocked to find out that the conditions of the research site in the Bauhinia Palace were not inferior to the main laboratories of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

“Recreating a laboratory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences? How much did the government spend?” There was no shortage of people who took a breath and felt scalp tingling.


Li Dan was taken to a conference room and not to the lab.

However, he did pay attention to the environment and was shocked.

The person walking next to him was the lieutenant colonel who brought him here.

“This… lieutenant colonel… What are we going to study?” After squirming his lips for a while, Li Dan couldn’t help but ask.

He has to say that what was happening was unbelievable. Just looking at the environment, one can guess how much the government has spent.

So many academics and professors are gathered together. They are to start their research soon but they are still not informed of what are they going to do.

The voice of the lieutenant colonel did not waver. “You will know soon!”


After Liu Xun had done everything instructed by Su Han, he came to him with a middle-aged man.

“This is the political commissar of the 178th Army of the General Staff. He is called Li Wei and he was specially transferred here to serve as your personal assistant.” Liu Xun is in a serious mood.

Although he is still unclear what Su Han wants to do or what he discusses with the Premier before, he can still feel the country’s full strength at the moment.

He has understood that he maybe witnessing an era of change.

Li Wei took a military salute against Su Han and said with a serious face, “The Disaster Research Center is now formally established. This research institution is directly under the jurisdiction of the Premier.
Now the number of people which can be directly or indirectly mobilized by the Disaster Research Center have reached 130,000. I has a talk with the Premier. He told me that if necessary, we can further expand the size of the organization.”

The basic information about the Disaster Research Center was handed to Su Han. Li Xun’s appearance seems serious, but his heart has not been able to calm down for a long time.

130,000 people! It’s just a new institution. And the name is also very vague. It is really impossible to understand why this organization has to be born.

Needless to say, the Premier said that it can be expanded further if needed.

“This is really beyond imaginations!” After taking a casual glance at the document, Su Han put the document aside.

He continued to prepare the government affairs and plans on what would the researchers study.

After his work was completed, he handed a planned task list to Liu Xun and got up and looked at Li Wei.

“Okay! Now, let’s see the fresh new faces that have specifically transferred here.”


Li Dan and Han Dong are seated facing each other, with several middle-aged men and women in their 30s and 40s surrounding them. They can understood each other’s fields through mutual understanding.

Some of them are in the astronomy industries, some are in the bio-industry, and even some are in the weapons R&D industry. It can be said that their respective fields are very different, but they are together at this moment.

“Do you have any internal news?” Di Yun whispered to a few people who were associate researchers at the Armament Institute.

“There is no news! Let’s see what happens.”

Han Dong was a little absent-minded, he was still thinking about the new microbes which he discovered.

They then heard the noise of marching soldiers. Opening the door, Su Han stepped into the conference room. He glanced at everyone present there.

Everyone felt an inexplicable pressure. They recognized Su Han, he was the head of the Disaster Research Center who had spoken a few words on the stage earlier.

The entire meeting room became silent.

He slid is eyes across everyone’s faces and then said in a serious tone
“I know that you all have doubts in your heart. I also know that you have discovered a lot of things that are exceptional. But let me tell you, what you found is superficial and is not important.”

“Now, I need you all to study the roots of a strange phenomena.”

“Sir! I have a question.” Han Dong raised his hand straightforwardly.


“Sir, do you really know what we were studying? I found new microbes. This type of microbe have not been discovered in the entire history of biology.”

“If I use this research, we can discover the roots of the birth of microorganisms and might even overthrow Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. This alone is enough to make China first in the field of biology.”

“Can you tell me is there anything more important than this?”

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