Chapter 10: Emergency! Gathering of Giants.

Han Dong was using a magnifying glass to observe the microbes in front of him, fascination dancing in his eyes.

“Great! These new microbes are not recorded before in the history of the world… very good! If I can study the creation criteria of these new microbes, I may be able to overturn the foundations of current biology.”

If his research is successful then it is more than enough to be nominated for the Nobel Prize, and it may even have a profound impact on the future generations.

Suddenly, the door of the lab opens and a very serious voice is heard.

“Han Dong! This is an emergency, the country needs you.”

Liu Xun stood outside Hao Dong’s lab door while holding a document in his hand.

“Emergency recruitment? This is the Chinese Academy of Sciences. I am not a simple academic and I am currently researching a very important topic.
If this is successful then its impact will be far-reaching. I have no interest in participating in any urgent recruitment.”

Han Dong did not even remove his eyes from the microscope. For him, the current topic is more important. Everything else can be put aside.

And he also has enough qualifications to do so.

As a lead researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, he may not be most influential but the Chinese Academy of Sciences and his influence in it cannot be underestimated.

“This order was issued at DEFCON 5”

Liu Xun’s voice was very calm.
He remembered that Su Han gave him a piece of paper, seeing that Han Dong was still indifferent, he directly opened it and read its content.

“The newly born microbes are not as simple as you think. If you want to know the real reason for the birth of these microorganisms then come with me.”

Han Dong palms suddenly shook, he almost pushed down microscope of the table.

He turned his head in disbelief and looked at Liu Xun.


One after another, researchers who were listed on the paper by Su Han were urgently transferred from various parts of China.

Bauhinia Palace.

Inside a hall.

One after another, the researchers came in sat in their position, most of them were mentioned by Su Han and transferred here from all over the country.
Some of them are the treasures of China, like the old academics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Except for a couple requested Su Han, the remaining ones are well-deserved science giant and rank first in their respective fields. They are the only ones who are eligible to attend this meeting.

“Lao Zhang! Do you know what is going on?”

“How can I know what is going on? I was studying the latest formula of a new steel alloy but just after a breakthrough, I was forced to transfer here. The person who transferred me here said that when the formula of steel alloy can be further modulated in the future but the meeting which I need to attend is far more important.”

“Who here is not… Wait a minute! Isn’t that academic Liu? The old researcher is 80 years old and is retired, how can they even get this great god to attend the meeting?”

“…They can transfer so many people…is it really an order at the highest level?”

“Except the Premier, I can’t figure out who else can have take this kind of action.”

“This is preposterous! What is this situation? For a Disaster Research Center? The people present here are mathematicians, biologists, and even astronomists… How are these field related in any way to the disasters??”

The heart of everyone is full of suspicions. The more they discuss, the less they can understand what is going on.

While they were talking, the door to the hall opened and Su Han came in and went straight to the podium. His face carried a serious expression. He is neatly dressed in a military uniform but there is no military rank on his shoulders.

The whole hall suddenly became silent. Although many researchers have doubts in their hearts but they understand that if the country has suddenly mobilized them then it must be due to some major event. It cannot be treated as a joke.

So although Su Han looked very young, not even 20 years old, but they did not question his authority.

“Everyone! I am the Director of the Disaster Research Center. I have invited you from your respective positions for only one purpose… that is to study of the new emerging events!”

“Everyone, I know that you are all giants in your respective fields or even if you are not the giants of the older generation, then you are at least the talented from the younger generation!”

“But I need to emphasize that there are no precedents for the topics we are going to study.”

“This is a brand new sector! You need to throw away your own intrinsic and restricted thinking.”

“Conversely, if you gain something in this field, every minute of sucess will be reflected in other industries in geometric multiples. It will greatly enhance the national strength.”

Su Han only said few words and roughly mentioned few topics.

He is really busy. The only thing on his mind about the Advent of the Second Dimension is that he has a responsibility that is beyond the imagination of others.

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