Chapter 9: Disaster Research Centre

Bauhinia Palace.

Located in the center of Sijiu City, the Bauhinia Palace is the former royal cemetery and hence, it has a venerated status. It is an extremely luxurious location.

After the establishment of the modern government, many high-level officials had hoped to transform the Bauhinia Palace into a livable resort, but it has not been touched for various reasons.

Currently, the Bauhinia Palace is being cut off from the outside world. It was declared to be transformed into a military base. As for the real reasons, very few were informed.


At the center of the Bauhinia Palace

Su Han raised his palm, a beautiful light slowly spreading around him. Magic is motivated by one’s will and under the urging of powerful will, the entire palace under went tremendous change.

The ground started to quake, forming a huge pit with a staircase downward.

Su Han started going down the stairs. The surrounding walls, under the interference of his power, were exuding a metallic light of silvery white color.

About 20 meters underground, Su Han stopped his steps. He once again used his magic ability.

“Ground! Move!”

When the two words were spoken, just like when the gods made the world, a large expanse of dirt was discharged outward and a huge basement appeared out of thin air.

This basement is as large as two football fields, with a rectangular area.

All the walls of the basement are covered with a layer of metal that emits silver and white light.

“This can barely qualify as an underground base.”

Despite such words, Su Han nodded with satisfaction. He is ready to go back and let Liu Xun transform the basement he has built into a fully equipped underground base.

If a construction company came to build the same underground base then it would have taken hundreds of millions of dollars and months to do it.

However, Su Han used his magic ability to create the basement in practically an instant.

It really demonstrate the power lies within one’s magic.

Although Su Han’s current martial arts can only be regarded as the initial stage of Blood Practitioner Realm, if he uses his magical ability then he can fight evenly with martial experts of the Qi Dan Realm.

Of course, this is his current limit. Su Han is still vulnerable to the Divine Realm practitioners.
Only when he reaches the next realm then his body can carry more powerful magic.


China Summer Observation Center.

Li Dan is observing the stars through an astronomical telescope. He is holding paper and pen, constantly noting some data. He muttered to himself, “No! The position of the Big Dipper has shifted… This is the Astrology Shift No. 23!! Where is the problem? What happened?”

Beside him, the rest of the astronomical observation center staff rolled their eyes.

“Li Dan! We have said it many times before. Don’t say that the astral shift is related to what happened on the Earth! The astral shift is indeed incredible, but for astronomy, it can only be regarded as an unsolved mystery… it has no relationship with the Earth.”

Li Dan did not care about them and started solving his own equations.

When everyone settled back down, a large ruckus suddenly happen outside.

While everyone was still puzzled, the door was pushed opened, and a soldier clad in military uniform walked in. “Who is Li Dan here?”

Li Dan, who was still observing the night sky, heard someone calling his name and turned his head.
When he saw the man coming to him, his eyes showed confusion, his lips squirmed twice. “I am Li Dan, sir. Who are you? And why are you looking for me?”

“Special recruitment of the Disaster Research Center!”

“Li Dan! From now on, you have been requisitioned.”

When Li Dan heard the voice of the Lieutenant Colonel, the entire astronomy center had already fallen into silence. It was after a long time when someone opened his mouth.

“Hey, hello… Is this a joke? Have you heard of the Disaster Research Center? I haven’t heard of this research center even after working for the Astronomical Bureau for so many years.”

“If a Lieutenant Colonel came to inform about the transfer from the astronomical center… then it had to be at least of the provincial level? Is there such a low-key research center? And the name…”

The researcher who was talking to Li Dan, his face suddenly became full of shock.

Remembering the three words, the researcher subconsciously gulped.

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