Chapter 8: Preparation to Move

When Liu Xun heard this, he was deeply shocked.

But before he can analyze the situation, he saw the old man waving his hand, asking him to leave the room.

Seeing this, Liu Xun performed another military salute and left the room.

At this time, Su Han and the old man were left alone in the room.

The old man didn’t say anything. He silently took out a proof of identity from the drawer and placed it in front of Su Han.

“From today onwards, you are the Director of the Disaster Research Center.”


Although the old man is undoubtedly busy, he still pushed away his afternoon businesses to talk with Su Han.

Disaster Research Center is a semi-official and semi-civilian special organization that the old man directly ordered to be established after confirming the validity of Su Han’s statements.

The power of this organization is extremely terrifying. Simply put, it can manage practically everything, even the military. It will have extreme authority and all kind of privileges.

However, after hearing the old man’s explanation about the organization, Su Han subconsciously reminisced about it and felt that something was odd.

Isn’t this organization similar to S.H.I.E.L.D in the United States? He thought this in his heart but did not voiced it out loud.


After the chat, Su Han left the government hall.

He was still accompanied by Major General Lie Xun. At this moment, the expression of Major General Liu Xun is rather sour.

Originally, he thought that he only needed to get Su Han to the government building. He did not expect to receive an order from the Premier to follow Su Han as an intermediary between him and the government.

This makes Major General Liu Xun have an impulse to vomit blood. What is the relationship between Su Han and the Premier? Can he be his illegitimate child?

Of course, this idea only flashed for a moment. After all, the old man has always worked for the people.
If the old man can’t be trusted then there are not many people in China who can be trusted.

“The Director of the Disaster Research Center?” He drove a military car back to Su Han home. Major General Liu Xun thought about the words of the old man and he became a little embarrassed.

Su Han did not answer his question, but instead leaned back into the seat of the car.

After returning home, Su Han directly handed a paper with a dense list to Liu Xun.

“There are a total of 30 people on this. 25 of them are Chinese, you can find these first. The remaining five are foreigners.”

“Do think carefully about them. If it can be done, get them back to China. My request is it has to be clean. I want to tie them here completely and make it impossible for them to return to their countries”

After Su Han finished, he left straight away, leaving only Major General Liu Xun in the same spot.

When he saw the list written by Su Han, his brow could not help but jump.

“Chinese people are easy to deal with… those five foreigners won’t be easy… Four of them are ordinary researcher but with not much influence and they can be brought back to China if we simply use money. No problem about them but…”

For Liu Xun, the most troublesome was the last foreigner.

He is an honorary professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is famous throughout the world; if he is kidnapped and the news leaks then the whole world will shake. China will inevitably face a diplomatic disaster.

“Well… let’s put aside the most difficult professor for the time being! Let’s get the other guys first.”


Inside Su Han’s home.

Su Han’s father, Su Lie and his mother, Li Xu, sat at the table for a long time silently. Su Zhu was siting aside and was very silent.

The three have surrounded him as if there was going to be a trial.

“Be honest and tell me what happened.” Su Lie said while frowning. He was a retired soldier and he had climbed up to the rank of Captain before his retirement.
He later participated in a black ops in which he failed because he disobey orders to rescue his teammates. Hence, he was forced to retire.

Although he has retired, he still has a deep understanding of the military.

After hearing what happened from Su Zhu and about the appearance of Lie Xun, he checked out the Internet to confirm the identity of Major General Lie Xun.

After confirming his identity, everyone was dumbfounded.

Is it really a Major General outside their door? What was he doing here?

“Why do you always think that I am getting into trouble?” Su Han sighed and said in a low voice. He then seriously looked at his family.

“But there is one thing…”

“Get ready to pack up!” Su Han’s voice was steady. “Our family will move to the Capital!”

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