Chapter 7: The First Meeting

Su Zhu was full of shock at the moment. She has opened the door of her home only to find a middle aged man of 30 or 40 dressed in a military uniform, standing outside.

The middle-aged man’s uniform was neat and clean without any wrinkles and on his shoulder was a star, a Mai Hui. If Su Zhu is not mistaken, this should be the uniform of a Major General.

Is there a movie being filmed right now? Su Zhu did not think the middle-aged man was a real general. Who will think it is true?

A person suddenly knocks on your door, dressed in a general’s uniform, and you consider him a real general? How is it even possible?

“Are you Su Zhu? I am looking for your brother!” Liu Xun said straightforwardly. His attitude was very polite. Although he was not clear about the identity of Su Han, he was asked to invite Su Han personally by the Premier so he was respectful.

Liu Xun was vaguely aware that the main reason the Premier traveled to the South was for Su Han.

And if that was the case, then the position of Su Han in the mind of the Premier is high and hence he cannot be underestimated.

“Oh yes! Please come in.” Su Zhu invited Liu Xun in. Although she had doubts about the identity of Liu Xun but since he has come to her doors then she could at least show this much courtesy.

After giving Liu Xun a cup of tea, Su Zhu who was full of doubts, knocked on Su Han’s door. “Brother, a guest is here for you.”

When the door opens, Su Zhu did a double take at her brother.

Su Han’s clothes were neat and his expression was very serious.

In Su Zhu’s view, her brother is a true otaku. He usually doesn’t pay attention to the way he dress.

“Hey, honestly, are you getting a girlfriend?” Su Zhu grabbed Su Han’s wrist and lowered her voice. “Is there a girl outside the door?”

“What are you talking about?” Su Han could not help but laugh.

“But beyond that, I can’t think of anything else that can make you dress up like this.” Su Zhu said with a voice full of suspicions.

Su Han licked his lips and didn’t say anything. He walked downstairs with large strides.

“You are Su Han?” Liu Xun stood up and bowed to Su Han. “The Premier wanted to meet you, and he has asked me to come and escort you.”

The military man was full of vigor. After Liu Xun confirmed the identity of Su Han, he took Su Han outside and there, a military car waiting for them.

After the two left in the car, Su Zhu was still standing in front of the window. When she watched the two men leave, she couldn’t help but think with widened eyes. “That military car…Can he really be an official? Did my brother did something wrong? No that can’t be! What is wrong with the military, why did they pick up brother?”

After thinking about it for a long time, Su Zhu felt that her brother must have had an affair with the daughter of an officer, and the officer was angered and came to the door personally. This explanation seemed to have lot of credibility.

After hesitating for a while, Su Zhu reached out towards the phone and called Su Lie’s mobile phone number.


The atmosphere of the car is very quiet.

Liu Xun drove the car and Su Han was on the passenger seat. There was no communication between them.

Although Liu Xun was puzzled in his heart, the Premier has actualy tasked him with a secret order. He naturally must perform his duty.

Even if he is puzzled, he shouldn’t pry into the matters of Su Han.

Government Building.

Su Han followed Liu Xun and came to the door of a room. At the door, two guards stood on the left and right. They saw Liu Xun and subconsciously performed a military salute and then their eyes moved over to Su Han’s.

“Liu Shaojun, you can enter but this person is not allowed.”

“Premier wants to meet with him personally” Liu Xun’s words were very serious. He takes out a warrant and presented it to the guards. The two bodyguards took the warrant and carefully scanned it. They then take a look at Su Han with mild amazement.

However, after confirming the identity of Su Han they moved aside and let him enter.

After opening the door, they saw a spacious room with an excellent lighting.

An old man sat behind the table and was dealing with political documents. He was wearing reading glasses and was frowning from time to time.

“Premier” Liu Xun subconsciously performed a military ceremony with a loud voice. “I brought the person whom you wanted to meet.”

The old man raised his head, and when he saw Su Han, his eyes shone slightly. He raises his hand and takes out his reading glasses with a slight smirk on his face.

“Little friend, this should be our first meeting in reality?”

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