Chapter 6: The Premier comes South

In a spacious office.

The old man has stopped writing and is staring at the light in front of him. He is in deep thought.

The door opens and his secretary enters the office with a cup of tea.

“Premier, it’s time to sleep!”

The Premier looks the secretary eccentrically. In deep thoughts, he muttered. “Sure can’t be true”

“Premier, what happened?” The secretary noticed the strange attitude of the weary leader and asked feeling somewhat wronged.

“Nothing… just before I go to sleep, I need to complete some important tasks.” The old man hurriedly got up and walked toward the door. “Call everyone in the Zijinge Intelligence and the Cyber ​​Security Department. I have new tasks for them.”

“I want to confirm something and while you are at it, I want to find the true identity of a person.”

The secretary was bewildered but silently nodded her head.

Although she has doubts about what the old man wants to do but as the secretary, she knows that her task is to ask less and do more.


Above the sky of Pavilion,

At the height of 3000 meters, the figure of Su Han can be seen floating.

His body is emitting a blue glow. The brilliance of this light is shielding him against perception of the radars.

After returning to the ground, Su Han started calmly overlooking the brightly-lit city of Sijiu.

Even thought it is late at night yet the city is dimly lit and is looking as bustling as ever.

Su Han did not directly sneak into the Zijin Pavilion to meet the old man but instead used magic to display his illusion to the old man.

It is precisely because of his prudence that he can keep so many secrets.

Su Han can believe in that tired old man who is the most powerful individual in the whole of China.

“I hope everything goes as I expected… when he confirms what I said is true he will directly come to my doors.”

With a sigh, Su Han raised his palm and used his ability again. A portal appears in front of him. He directly enters the portal and returns to Jianghai City

When he returned to his house it was already 2am and most of the lights which were originally lit,were extinguished. There are very few brightly lit houses as night owls are a minority.

He turned off the light, Su Han sat on the bed with his knees crossed, closed his eyes and return to cultivating. Cultivating Qi is the basic practice method for Earth in the future. He has already reached a point where it can’t be advanced further.

After some time cultivating, he still went to sleep.

There is a saying in the future that is the only thing preventing you from cultivating is your will. As long as your will is strong enough, you can cultivate all the time, even without eating and drinking.

Of course, this is just a saying.

After all, you can work hard and cultivate your strength but you won’t know how to fight or how to live. Then it will still result in an overall loss.

In a blink of an eye, two days have already passed.

Su Han opened his phone to search for news. He frowned slightly and said,” How come there is no news? Is he not convinced? Or is he unable to find me?”

Su Han was very puzzled. He told him about many signs related to the Advent of the Second Dimension. If he did not mention these sign then perhaps the old man would not have believed him but when he said it straightforwardly, plus the evidence of the Advent of the Apocalypse which he provided, any fool should know that what he said was definitely true.

As for the old man for not being able to find Su Han? This is even bigger farce. Su Han did not cover up his face. With the power in the hands of the Premier, he could easily find him.

But that afternoon, the news greatly startled him.

“On May 6, the Premier announced that he will travel to Jianghai Province to express his appreciations to the people working there! The first stop, Jianghai City.”

“Finally!” Su Han’s eyes suddenly lit up but then he sighed, “But his speed is really slow.”


He started cultivating again. After meeting the old man in person, he is afraid that he will not be able to relax.

A few more days passed by.

It has been more than a week since he started cultivating.

In the end, every drop his blood excludes an aura, his blood has reached a stage of perfection.

“When external resources cannot be used to speed up my cultivation process… I can reach the mid Blood Practitioner Realm after practicing for a month.”

Although his cultivation speed is really fast yet Su Han is somewhat dissatisfied. However, Su Han’s ears perked up and picked up a sound.

He pondered a brief thought and suddenly smiled. “He is finally here.”

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  1. I hope everything as i expect… when he confirms what i said is true he will directly come to his doors
    I hope everything goes i expected… when he confirms what i said is true he will directly come to my doors.

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