Chapter 5: Then and Now

Su Han is silently standing in front of him and has been interacting with the old man for nearly a minute but no one is aware of it. This was quite preposterous.
After all, there are countless guards outside monitoring the office of the old man.

Just hearing the his voice talking to someone, the guards waiting outside will become aware of the situation and directly rush in.

Su Han is standing there with his a smile on his face. The wind is light and the guards are not bothering to come inside the office.

“No one entered the office? Have you incapacitate the guards outside the door? No wait! If you do something like that, then other guards will be aware of it.” The old man said while frowning.

“You want to capture me?” Su Han said calmly, “In fact, although you can see me. I am not here in person. This is merely an illusion”

“Although there are cameras here, what the guards are seeing is you seriously working on various political documents.”

“So it turned out to be like that!” Although the old man was shocked, he believes there is some truth to it.

He had to say that what Su Han said seems to be a little provocative but apart from Su Han’s explanation, he could not find a second reasonable explanation right now.

Since the youth came in an unreasonable way, he is surprised even though he get to find out that there is supernatural power in this world.

“So, why are you looking for me? Is it for the official right to use supernatural powers? Or something else?” The old man asked again.
After confirming that Su Han can control supernatural forces, he subconsciously started running his brain to figure out his intention.

Su Han fell into a silence. He quietly looked at the old man in front of him.

The old man in front of him is at the helm of China. The responsibilities he is shouldering cannot be expressed in words.

He is one of the most powerful political tycoons of not only China but the whole world.

The will of the old man is hard as iron. Even though his body is old, he will certainly refuse if what Su Han demands is against the national interests.

At this time, Su Han remembers about the third month of the Advent of the Second Dimension. At that time, the old man mobilized the national army and convinced the civilians to let go of their personal differences and face the external foe together.

He also remembers that under the attack of Imperial beasts, the city of Sijiu was in danger and was about to be annihilated. The old man ensured the civilian’s rights to evacuate first.
He calmly said that he would be the last person to leave the city and he did kept his promise.

But in the end, Sijiu city was destroyed and he would foever remain with it.

The whole country mourned after the passing of the old man.

This was really sorrowful because after the death of the old man, no one in China has enough strength to lead the whole country. As a result, after the third month, the country entered the era of warlord separatism.

If it was not because of this then Su Han might have not come to the old man.

He has experienced the darkest era as well the rise of the human race. He believes in the light of human nature but also does not deny its darkness.

He knows many people in this world but there are very few in this world who could be trusted.
The old man in front of him is one of them. This is the reason why he came to see him.

“Do you want me to tell you a story?” Su Han asked.

The old man frowned. After thinking about it, he nodded.

Su Han opened his mouth and started the story from his current time. Then he went on describing the changes faced by the world in the coming years and various catastrophes which occurred.

He told him about the time after the Advent of the Second Dimension. The giants which were scattered all over the world and the species which were hidden among humans and devouring the very same humans.

He talked about the Resurgence of the Heavenly Aura, the rise of the beasts undergone the mutations and how the human race became weak and went up to the verge of extinction.

Next, he also told the stories of the countless masters from all over the world who day after day developed martial arts.
In front of the fire of destruction, many followed, many paid an unimaginable price, only then they could perfected the martial arts techniques and then announced it to the world.

It was the ancestors who paid an unimaginable price for the future generations.

One died, the second died, an entire generation died, and the younger generation continued to fight.
If there is no will to live, no will to gamble on the survival of the entire race, how can it ignite the fire of civilization?

At the end, the Earth Alliance was established, and humanity finally began its counterattack after its initial weakened state.
In the end, the world was dominated and humanity once again became the ruler of the whole world.

Then, 500 years later after the Advent of Second Dimension, the Star Devourer descended and the civilization of Earth was destroyed.

The final decision of the Federal Parliament to preserve the fire of civilization was to use the InterStellar Carrier to leave the Solar System and fly to distant galaxies.

No one knows what happen after that.

Perhaps they found another planet suitable for human life and then take roots and grow once again. But the higher possibility is that the Carrier was lost in the endless universe and fire of human civilization was completely extinguished.

If one is not forced, who will make this decision?

After everything was finished, Su Han paused a little and gave the old man time to think about things. He looked at the old man who was in a deep thought.

“I know after hearing this you must have many doubts in your heart.”

“But I am telling you the truth. I can afford wait until you can confirm things and believe what I said is true”

“But I hope that you can hurry up as we don’t have much time.”

When the voice fell, Su Han’s body suddenly disappeared.

The entire hall was restored to peace again, and the old man remained silent.

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