Chapter 4: Old Man in Zijin Pavilion

After experimenting with his talents, Su Han left his bed. He moved the bones of his body, closed his eyes, and began to practice refining. Although his talent is strong but it does not mean that he will not exercise his own martial arts. Martial arts is also crucial for Su Han.

The dual training of talent and martial arts is the medium to reach the threshold of the strongest. Because of his talent, his body experiences a lot of pressure. If one does not practice martial arts then even if your talent is amazing, one cannot harness its full potential.

The technique which Su Han is practicing at the moment is the most basic entry technique in the martial arts. Slowly, the infuriatingly invisible star light lingering within Su Han’s body started blending into his body.

After half a day, Su Han’s body suddenly emitted a large amount of energy.

After Su Han opened his eyes, his pupils were stunned. He spit out a mass of smoldering gas, full of turbidity and suffocation. Its spewed out a few meters and sprinkled it over the wall.

“Time to get started with the martial arts!”

Su Han nodded with some satisfaction. It takes a few months for ordinary people to get started on the path of cultivation. However, Su Han’s position was different as he was already familiar with it.

However, to continue the practice further he needs to accumulate experience and adjust his body to this new power.


Time flies by…

In the next few days, Su Han practiced at home with some peace of mind. He originally needed to attend classes but due to May Day holidays, he have them off.

During these days, Su Han stopped eating with his parents and sister and practiced his cultivation. By the May 3rd, he completely stabilized his cultivation.

At this time, he was in the early stages of Blood Practitioner Realm.

At the midnight of May 4th, Su Han opened the window of his bedroom. The night was thick and shining stars covered the night sky. Looking into the distance, the night sky was illuminated with moon light and the night was clear of clouds.

“Then the next thing is to find someone who can help me with building a foundation.”

Sighing, Su Han jumped out of the window. His family lived on the fourth floor. After leaving the window, he did not fall down but instead started floating in the air.

This is his talent, “Balance of Magic”.

Magic is a versatile talent. If you meet the set conditions, you can control the ground, fire and world. You can fly, defend and even plunder.

In his previous life, Su Han abilities were equal to his comrades countless talents added together and it was by no means was an exaggeration.

“Open the rift!”

As the words left his mouth a space vortex suddenly appeared before him. He stepped straight into it.

When he reappeared, he was already in the city of Sijiu.

The location of Su Han’s hometown is Jianghai Province. The cities were very far away from each other, with countless miles separating them. Arriving this quickly was the proof of the strength of magic and the space gate.

This was just a manifestation of his ability.

Zijin Pavilion.

The night is thick but an old man is still dealing with government affairs. China’s rapid development has made it a world-class power, second only to the United States. Moreover even if United States declared war on China, it has the capability to fight it on equal terms.

However, larger the country, the more complicated things are. The whole country is dependent upon the shoulders of this old man and thus it is impossible to imagine the amount of pressure that lies on him.

“The trade war has just ended… there are still many economic problems.” The old man muttered to himself. Suddenly, his look changed, he raised his head and looked outside.

He didn’t knew when, there was a young man standing with a smirk on his face. He look like sixteen or seventeen years old and is well-dressed. Compared to his extremely young appearance, his temperament is extremely deep and there is a kind of grace and dignity surounding him.

The old man is no stranger to this temperament because most of the people he contacts have this kind of temperament. However, what is his status? The people he interact with are undoubtedly the true leaders of this country. No one is below 40 years old.

However, there is now a 16-year-old youth in front of him who has such a strange temperament, how can he not be surprised.

“How did you get in?” The old man asked while frowning.

Su Han looked at the old man with interest and did not answer his question. Instead, he asked, “Why did you not panic?”

“It’s useless to panic. You can come in silently and come in front of me. If you want to kill me, no one can stop you.” To be honest, the old man is very surprised at this moment and can be even said to be shocked.

He is now at Zijin Pavilion.

Zijin Pavilion is the center of power of the entirety of China. It is no exaggeration to say that the security of this place is absolutely beyond imagination. It is impossible to reach the old man in silence.

Except for this mysterious entry, the only way to get to in is to storm the place.

However, you want to storm the Sijin City Zijin Pavilion?

Not even the United States dare to do so!

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