Chapter 3: Magic


Su Zhu knocked on the door to Su Han’s bedroom.

“Brother, it’s time to eat!”

Su Han came out and sat at the dinner table and found out that his parents have not returned.

Su Han’s family situation is somewhat complicated. Although he has parents but Su Zhu does not. Su Han’s father, Su Lie, is a retired soldier and is now doing small business. Su Zhu’s father used to be a comrade-in-arm of Su Lie.

Su Zhu’s father died early, but before his death he entrusted Su Zhu to Su Lie. After her father’s death Su Zhu became an orphan. Considering his good relations with Su Zhu ’s father, Su Lie adopted Su Zhu.

In fact, Su Zhu did not have surname Su before. In the beginning, Su Zhu did not fit into the family so in order to tell Su Zhu that Su Lie regards her as his own family, Su Lie changed her surname.

However, perhaps because of this special circumstance, Su Zhuyuan (Her full name) is much more mature than Su Han. This is also why Su Zhu is a younger sister, but she gives the feeling that she is the older one.

“Don’t you know where Father is?” Su Han asked while eating.

“Overtime work! This year the economy is going downhill. The trade sanctions have just been implemented as well. Recently, earthquakes, storms, and droughts in China are occurring way frequently.”

“Everyone is saying that global warming is causing more natural disasters you know? Now all kind of natural environment associations on the Internet are vigorously expressing their own ideas and demanding a low-carbon usage. They are all idiots. It’s too late to just look at the low-carbon concept. At this rate, theres not gonna be anything left after a couple of years.” Su Zhu seems a bit too excited about this.

Listening to this, Su Han who was washing the dishes became stiff. Perhaps Su Zhu does not know, but his heart is very clear about this. Not only in China but frequency of occurrence of natural disasters is high all around the globe.

This is one of the signs before the Advent of the Second Dimension.

“I finally finished!” After the chores, Su Han returned to his room and sat on the bed.

He sat silently for a long time and then raised his palms.

The next moment, a cluster of flames suddenly rose up above his fingers. After seeing this scene, Su Han breathed a sigh of relief.

“Fortunately, after being reborn, although my martial arts is lost but the magical talent is retained.”

After the early days of Advent of Second Dimension, the Chi energy slowly recovered. This lead to great advancement in martial arts. After the Apocalypse, the martal arts experts worked hard to further develop their styles and soon countries took a new path towards development.

Just by practicing the martial arts, you can reach a point that ordinary people can hardly imagine.

The martial arts is divided into four realms. Blood Practitioner Realm, Qi Dan Realm, Divine Realm, and Wu Sheng Realm. Is there any other realm above Wu Sheng? Maybe there is, or maybe not. Even after 500 years of Apocalypse, no realm above Wu Sheng was discovered.

At his peak strength, Su Han was at the Wu Sheng Realm.

However, in addition to the practice of martial arts, there is another way to gain strength and that is magic.

Not everyone can have this so called magic. At the end of the day, only one in a thousand people have aptitude for magic. However, in the new generation after the Apocalypse, 80% of the children are born with magic, both strong and weak magics.

Strong magic is definitely not inferior to martial arts. When you continue to awaken, and reach the peak, you can control the earth, the wind and the World. Even if you stop practicing martial arts, as long as you continue to control your magic, you can still be a powerful sorcerer.

However, the magical ability can also be extremely weak, such as letting their bodies shine or a small spark that can light a cigarette, basically useless.

In general, it can be both, good or bad.

Su Han’s magic ability is naturally extremely powerful.

To put it simply, it is the ability to set a seal and condition to yourself . The more severe the seal are, the greater will be the power gained.

To make the simple analogy, if Su Han sacrifices the entire earth then he will be able to gain the power that would rival even a God.

Moreover, the nature of the power of magic is really magical and omnipotent. Using the power of magic, you can control the fire and water, you can also open the door of space, and travel around the world. If the requirements are met then even time reversal is possible. Of course, the more powerful magic, the higher the restrictions.

For example, at his last moment of the Apocalypse, if Su Han has used his ability to sacrifice the whole Earth and let Earth be destroyed, and then launched an attack on the Star Devourer. Hence, the creature was unable to enjoy the planet like a biscuit.

Although the magic did not hurt the Star Devourer, but it was because the creature was too powerful and not because the power of magic was weak.

In all the known magical ability of hundreds of years, Su Han’s magic ability, if it is not the strongest, it must be among the top three.

It is because of the martial arts and magic that are extremely powerful that Su Han is qualified to call himself “The Grave Guard of Earth. ” Throughout the history of mankind, he can be regarded as one of the most powerful human.

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