Chapter 2: A year before the Advent of Apocalypse

The days of April are neither too hot nor too cold, but this year’s weather is rather strange and unpredictable. If you fall asleep under the north wind, even if you don’t feel the chill, your throat will still dry up when you wake.

After leaving Washington Park, Su Zhu’s cheeks were still red and she was very angry. She cannot be blamed for her anger, for what she hates the most is that Su Han treats her as a child.

Under her strict requirements, Su Han had not pinched her cheeks for three months. She did not expect that Su Han after waking up on the lawn will subconsciously reach out to squeeze her cheeks. She has always felt that Su Han does not take her words seriously.

However, after walking with Su Han a while, Su Zhu could not help but look over to him. She found that he was little absent minded at the moment and she became awkward about it.

“Hey, did you catch a cold? Do you want to go back and take some medicine? Although I am little angry but it’s nothing much. Don’t take it to heart.” Su Zhu said worriedly about Su Han. Although Su Zhu is his nominal sister but he is the most important person to her.

“I seem to had a very long dream.” Su Han whispered.

“Dream? Well, now you are awake” Su Zhu retorted.

“Yeah..I woke up.”

After waking up from the dream, Su Han could not find any other explanation except that he might have traveled back in time.

He and Su Zhu returned home. His parents have not returned yet. He entered the house and stayed for quite for a long time.

He takes out his phone to check the current time and date and then closes his eyes.

“A year before the advent of the Apocalypse”

Su Han didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. He remembers the time when the Dimension had just arrived and the training after the Awakening of Nature. One person after another died and the living space of mankind constantly shrank with the arrivals of new life.

Everyone tried their best but it was useless. In the end, they can only fly away from Earth on the aircraft carrier and give up on their ancestral land.

“If I start now……and use the power of the whole country to fight, is there any possibility of changing our fate?” Su Han asked himself as well as his lost comrades. He is tired. He had resisted to the end. He closed his eyes.

After a long time, he opened them again. But when he opened his eyes again, his eyes were clear and his will unshakable.


In the previous world, there were already signs of the Advent of Second Dimension since a year ago but who would think that they were the signs before the coming of Apocalypse. Everyone ignored the signs. It was precisely because no preparation was done so it led to the collapse of the world’s order.

Not only China but the country known as the world’s number one power on the other side of the ocean also collapsed for the first time. The accumulation of Human civilization was extremely powerful. However, if order collapses, then the power that can be mobilized is greatly reduced. On the fourth day of the Apocalypse, there were only 3 billion human beings on the planet. In other words, within three days, more than 3 billion people died. This was an unprecedented disaster.

Even though the remaining people reacted and tried to fight but they were disadvantaged. In just ten years, the human population fell below 1 billion, and the entire planet became full of aliens. In the tenth year, humanity used their nuclear weapons and bombarded the surface of the earth.

Unlike the fantasy novels with post-nuclear war scenarios, the Earth was in an even worse state. However, as the ultimate weapon of mankind, the power of nuclear bombs was still worth recognition. The nuclear weapons gave mankind a precious 20 years.

In the 30th year after Advent of Second Dimension, the Earth Alliance was formally established. This was the path of counterattack. After spending 500 years, I paid an unimaginable price, broke down brainless giants, cleaned up traitors hidden among humans, repelled the Zerf from Exotic and destroyed 80% of the mainland beasts.

But who would think that when the human civilization was about to re-enter the summit and return to its former glory, it discovered the fusion of another dimension. The huge star swallowing creature descended and turned all the planets of the solar system into its food. Compared with giants, cockroaches and ill-hearted beasts, there was no chance to struggle against the star devouring monstrosity.


Silently clenching his hand, Su Han closed his eyes.

“From now on…If it is the power of the whole country then perhaps it will be easy to pass the first stage of Apocalypse, the Advent of Second Dimension. Then, we can rely on the 500 years to develop.”

“After 500 years, maybe we can turn around our fate.”

“Although the hope of success is small.”
Su Han is very realistic. He sighed. “But, how can we don’t even try to resist?”

Even when the star swallowing creature came, Su Han did not give up resisting and did not give up on Earth. Not to mention now when there is a possibility of success.

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