A Little bit of Introduction

Welcome to Asada Translations. We are a group of novel enthusiasts who like translating novels from various languages to English. We want to present some very unique novels and contents to our readers who do not know the native language of the contents.

We promise you that our translations will not disappoint you and there sole purpose is to entertain you (and of course to earn some pocket money.) We believe that out content is engaging and hope that you all find it the same.

Latest Releases

[TMCF] Chapter 67: Rose’s Faith

Join our discord to get latest updates about the novel Translator: Honnomushi Having heard the screams of his daughter, the Consul should have confessed by now. Arina was quite amazed by this official’s fortitude. “I guess we should […]


[SMFT] Chapter 15: The First Step To Freedom – Hunter Guild

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[VIP] Chapter 1: There’s An Old Man Inside Me – 3

Join our discord to get latest updates about the novel Translator: McTavish Editor: MagicFishCat Although he said Metallurgy, it was midnight right now. There weren’t any blacksmiths whom he knew and he wouldn’t be able to get […]